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Speaking from
the Heart, 
creating Hope

and finding your Reflection

Keynotes, Workshops and Lunch & Learn
to help you find meaning at work

Eksteen de Waal

The Laughing Boeta

I’ve always been passionate about people. Finding Compassion in our daily lives is not a luxury, but a core part of who we are. Living, working and flourishing through compassion is my passion.


Helping others to discover how to connect, find meaning and together performs feats that seem superhuman is what I live for.

And yes, Boeta is not a spelling mistake. Boeta is the Afrikaans colloquial word for brother. Like a brother, I love the people I work with and encourage them to be the best they can be.


Eksteen is your keynote partner to light up a room and engage the audience at your next event. You can select one of Eksteen’s riveting talks here, or he will work closely with your organisation to develop the perfectly customised presentation for your needs. A keynote address from Eksteen will leave event attendees feeling invigorated and walking away with actionable frameworks to make a positive change in their lives and surroundings!


As a corporate wellness coach and business development specialist, Eksteen has all the frameworks and tools to facilitate engaging workshops that will take disconnected and fragmented teams, to happy, productive and motivated superheroes! With a range of themes from; giving and receiving feedback, to improving interpersonal work relationships, you can select one of Eksteen’s sought-after workshops here . Eksteen also develops custom workshops to fit the needs of your company or team.

The Laughing 'Boeta'

Eksteen is a smart guy, and he utilizes his intelligence and humour to seize people’s attention; on both an emotional and rational level. Playing to the interest of all types of "BIG FIVE" personality traits; X has the ability to move the room and command attention ensuring that the content and intent of his speech sticks, and lands in the hearts and minds of this professional IT audience through his engaging style.


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