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A History

Eksteen de Waal is an acclaimed motivational speaker specialising in providing insights, guidance and enthusiasm tailored to fit the unique needs of your audience. Get in touch today to learn more.


Eksteen De Waal (MBA) is a motivational speaker, writer, author, thinker and storyteller. Growing up in South Africa, he got the nickname the “Laughing Boeta”. He always has a ready smile, and as “boeta” is the Afrikaans word for brother, he is your smiling brother in arms, helping you discover your best self.

Eksteen has always been in the business of helping others. He is ardent about taking others to a place where they live and breathe their strengths in all they do, helping them rediscover their identities through proactive steps.

He firmly believes that people MUST do what they feel passionate about and bring their whole authentic selves to any situations they may face. Through his own life experience, he has embraced his uniqueness and owned his identity for personal development: to live an exponentially joyful life!

He started his studies in Computer science in Stellenbosh, and each year since then, he has aimed to learn something new.  In 2017 he obtained his Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management – University of Erasmus. Since then, he has further specialised in teams and team performance, in which he brings the worlds of Applied Positive Psychology, organisational behaviour and team dyndynamics together.

With over 30 years of professional experience, he has a wealth of work and multi-industry experience. Having worked in consulting for the financial and tech industries, skills development as a senior trainer, and holding various management and director positions, Eksteen developed a growing passion for all things business. Having worked in Business Development, and honing his research skills in various research projects,


Having transplanted himself to another country on the other side of the world, he felt he had lost his way in helping people; his true passion. In 2016 he quit his job and started his first Start-up to follow his passion.

 Eksteen started his own ventures, including SalveoQED, a social enterprise start-up designed to link non-profit healthcare organisations with, (among others), researchers, governments and pharmaceutical organisations, in providing real-world insights into chronic illnesses to facilitate adjusting health policy and strategy. This was followed by Exponentially Me! 

Through a deep passion for team development and a belief that Compassion is at the heart of all truly successful organisations,  Exponentially Me was born in 2017. The organisation focuses on corporate wellness through empowering individuals to take their rightful, true selves into a team. The programs help teams and organisations discover where the heart of the organisation is and how to engage, commit, and fan the flames of true engagement.

Exponentially Me use’s their experience of leadership and team coaching, combined with evidence-based research,  to find the optimal employee engagement and inclusion strategies.


Eksteen provides the frameworks that will see people realise life-changing experiences that shape them to become the best version of themselves. He not only helps others discover the actions they can adopt to move towards a life of happiness, fulfilment and ultimately flourishing, but he also shows people how to make this a lifelong, enjoyable journey!

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