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·         Eksteen has achieved a wealth of education including a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Rotterdam School of Business - Erasmus University, with a particular focus of Innovation Management.

·         Degrees, awards, achievements, TEDx?

Not sure we need to include this off the bat.

Things I am proud of is the help for charities such as fundraising events.

Also working with student organisations such as to training their student leadership and Students Inc in Utrecht helping young entrepreneurs find their way as a team

Believed that with strong and compassionate teams you can do the “ impossible” which hse has proven in various situations

such as being the most profit project management team for 7 years running. Certifying 3 factories in South Africa for ISO 9000 quality control with a 100% pass rate first time round in 6 months. Developing a multimillion-dollar training program called the mentored learning program for New Horizons that is still running and now in more than 35 countries and  250 locations

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