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Here you will find recommendations of books I think every leader should not be without.

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CEOs: Myths Monsters & Gods

For the last 15 years, Eksteen has been studying teams, team dynamics and the impact of leaders. He has become an authority on how to improve team interactions and relationships in the workplace. His work has taken him from the pharmaceutical industry to banking, from Amsterdam to Johannesburg and from cultural to inclusive teamwork within challenging team dynamics. 

Not only does he believe in the power of teams and empowering leaders to make teams perform optimally, but he also lets the numbers speak. He uses the scientific method and some of the most in-depth assessments available,  to discover your unique team dynamics and challenges.

His belief that no person in the world should be without fulfilling and meaningful work and work relationships has led him to write his findings in a book that is scheduled for publication in 2024

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CEOs: Myths Monsters & Gods

A field guide to becoming a better leader. A how-to guide with impactful interventions and why you should use them

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Learn to go from getting upset to learning. How feedback can change your life and that of those around you. TFTF is one of my all-time favourite books

  • Amazon
Difficult Conversations

How you too can use conflict management skills to discuss what you shy away from. From spouse, to children and even your Boss 

  • Amazon
Eat Last

Why should people follow you? What makes you a leader worth knowing and following. Why do or dont you deserve loyalty. 

  • Amazon
The Great Tech Revolution

China is not only on an exponential curve on technological implementation but also in the rollout to the world.
Is your data yours?

  • Amazon
The Paradox
Of Choice

Is our freedom of choice robbing us of the freedom to choose?

How can we make informed decisions without getting bogged down?

  • Amazon

How well are you understood? Clarity does not have to be inhumane.

How do you bring back the humane to your leadership

  • Amazon
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