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PlanB Namibia

Bees at Work

As the Global Speaker Community, we are rallying around the hive. With Plan B we are putting forward our help to the community and the organisers.

I would like to thank  Paul ter WalShari BricksMike HandcockLandi Jac and Siegfried Lange

for making the Plan B Summit a reality.

In this, I would love to contribute a little something towards those that are going tot he summit. 

I will be hosting a special free webinar on how you can ensure engagement, loyalty and improved relationships with your teams. As leaders of small enterprises, we can all learn from highly successful CEOs around the world on what makes a leader that get results.

We will be looking at mindset vs behaviour as well as high impact and low-cost interventions that can help you improve your relationships with your team immediately.

If you would like to make use of this offer please send us your details below and we will be in touch after the Plan B Summit to let you know the dates and times that you can attend.

We also have a little gift for those that are in attendance at the Plan B Summit.

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