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Reaching your goals through impactful leadership

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The Future of Leadership:
Hope, Heart and the
ability to Reflect

The drivers to
organisational performance

We spend more time at work than at home. Why should our relationships there be less meaningful? Now you too can lead for impact. To improve performance, innovation, and employee engagement, you only need to change your perspective.

Eksteen has worked with teams in the pharmaceutical, banking and medical devices industry where critical thinking is all in a day's work but thoughts on relationships less so. Through exploring his personal journey in leadership he highlights the latest research and impactful interventions that can help you forge a new way of leading. 

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The Inner IronMan

How technology is affecting our relationships with healthcare workers

1 in 200 people has hemochromatosis. A condition that slowly poisons your body with too much iron leading to organ and even brain damage.

It is easy to detect and treat, yet very few doctors diagnose it correctly from the start. This surprisingly common metabolic disorder is often only diagnosed later in life, which means that for millions of people each year, the damage has already been done and may not be reversible.  
Eksteen shares his own personal journey with hemochromatosis; how it has impacted his life, and what one can do to protect the ones you love.

It is a story of technological change, the healthcare insustries and the power of early adoption.

Impactful & Compact

Valuable & High Impactful in 20 minutes

These speaking engagements are High Impact when you are low on time. They take key insights and give you a fast and effective way of learning what the minimum is you need to do to get results. 20-30 minutes of impactful and engaging content.

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Innovation: Separating 

Three things you need to know about having the right people to optimize innovation.

Unfortunately, we tend to hire more on the what than on the whom. We tend to be biased towards skills and experience when we want innovators. In this, Eksteen focuses on the three elements that can make or break your innovation teams; Why and how people always trump skill, knowledge and experience.

Hands holding rope forming a heart with

Head vs Heart

Are you leading for performance, resillience and growth?

In business, we favour the head. We believe we are making logical decisions and steering on our numerical KPIs to be the most efficient and effective way. 

What I would like to show you is where this is failing and how you can fix it. Compassionate organisations perform 6x better than those who are not.

Can you use a performance boost? Let me help you get your organisations heart pumping so its brain can get oxygenated!

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Why women are better at innovation!

Are women better equipped to Innovate? What the science says.

Research has proven that women should be better at innovation than men.

So why do we have so little women in innovative roles?

This talk is about what science can teach us about the characteristics women share that we all need to become superior innovators!

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